Thursday, November 13

7:00 – 8:15 a.m.
This breakfast buffet is for all conference attendees.
Navarro Ballroom – Ballroom Level

7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Ballroom Foyer – Ballroom Level

8:25 – 9:20 a.m.
Using Data to Drive Customer Service and Organizational Improvement – Kaslik – GFOAT for Website Posting
As a 2012 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winner, a key component of our success is our customer focus and use of data to make business decisions. Attendees can learn how we used data in our quest for excellence, including how we organize and present data to staff, council, and customers.
Aimee Kaslik, Business Manager, City of Irving
Camino Real  – Lobby Level

Municipal Contracts: The Process from Start to Finish –  Stephanie Sandre Bio       Sandre – Contract Process Power Point Handout (00315285xA08F8)
Learn from Sheets & Crossfield, PC, the firm that represents the City of Round Rock about municipal contract drafting and review.  Start with the importance of identifying the correct type of contract that needs to be drafted.  Discuss types of contracts, provisions to include in drafting and make sure are present when reviewing, as well as the execution process.
Stephanie Sandre, Senior Attorney, Sheets and Crossfield, P.C.
Hidalgo Ballroom – Ballroom Level

What and What Not to Include in an Ethics Policy – Hadavi – GFOA Ethics Policy Presentation FINAL (2)
Has your organization adopted an ethics policy?  This session will explain the importance of having a written policy as well as the important language that must be included within it.  Examples will be provided of things that went right and things that went horribly wrong.
Jason Hadavi, Chief of Investigations, Office of the City Auditor, City of Austin
Olivares Room – River Level

Making Effective Use of Audit Committee –  Underhill – Effective Use of Audit Committees – AW edits Autosaved (2)
An expert panel will discuss ways to develop an effective audit committee.  You will ascertain the best practices that exist for an audit committee and hear different perspectives on its operation.
Jerry L. Gaither, Partner, Weaver; Rebecca Underhill, Director of Finance, City of League City; and Amanda Wallace, CPA, City Auditor, City of Killeen
Madero Room – Ballroom Level

9:40 – 10:35 a.m.
Legislative Update and GFOAT’s Role – No Handouts or Presentation
Listen to the Executive Director of the Texas Municipal League as he shares his thoughts on the upcoming legislative session.  Discover how you can support TML and GFOAT in the process.
Bennett Sandlin, Executive Director, TML and Bret Starr, Budget Administrator, City of Irving
Navarro Ballroom – Ballroom Level

10:35 – 10:55 a.m.
Navarro Ballroom Foyer – Ballroom Level

 10:55 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.
Coordinating the Moving Parts,  Reporting and Funding Requirements – Affordable Care Act Update – Susan Smith ACA
As the Affordable Care Act marches towards full implementation, learn the steps that you can take today to ensure compliance with the law, reporting and funding requirements.  This session will concentrate on impending employer responsibilities and the deadlines.
Susan Smith, Executive Director, TML Multistate Intergovernmental Employee Benefits Pool
Hidalgo Ballroom – Ballroom Level

Single Audit and Grant Compliance Review –  Gonzalez – Single Audit Grant Compliance Review (2) 
Revisions to OMB Circular A-133 will be effective for years beginning on or after December 26, 2014.  The level of expenditures necessary for an audit has increased, the number of compliance requirements has been reduce, circulars have been consolidated and more.  Come to this session to learn about the changes in the world of grant compliance and auditing.
Jackie Gonzalez, Senior Manager – Assurance Services, and Adam McCane, Partner, Weaver
Madero Room – Ballroom Level

Debt Policies and Post-Issuance Compliance Best Practices – Debt Issuance Strategy and Policies for the City of Denton_November 2014     Debt Policies…Medanich Schaecher
The GFOA encourages all cities to have a written debt management policy.  You will see a sample of “best practice” guidance and hear how the SEC is ramping up its enforcement of post-issuance disclosures.
Bryan Langley, Assistant City Manager, City of Denton; David Medanich, Vice Chairman, FirstSouthwest; and Gregory C. Schaecher, Attorney, McCall, Parkhurst & Horton L.L.P.
Olivares Room – River Level

Hot Topics – No Handouts or Presentation
In this perennial favorite, you will have the opportunity to discuss with your peers a variety of subjects that are at the forefront today.
Steve Williams, Assistant City Administrator/Chief Financial Officer, City of Conroe
Camino Real – Lobby Level

12:20 – 1:50 p.m.
Presiding: GFOAT President Bret Starr, Budget Administrator, City of Irving
Navarro Ballroom – Ballroom Level

2:00 – 2:55 p.m.

Primary Depository Bank Selection – Primary Depository Bank Selection III 2014 11 13
This session will cover the governing requirements, RFA/RFP development, solicitation process, evaluation of responses, “best value” recommendation, and execution of contracts/agreements. It will include “must do” and “should do” items, things to avoid, with tips and suggestions.
William J. Koch, President, Avalon Financial Services
Camino Real – Lobby Level

How Municipal Bond Rating Changes Affect Your Organization – AK Biography (2)     Final GFOAT KBRA Presentation  Murray – GFOAT Presentation–Fitch 11 14   Adebola Kushimo – Moody’s Final
Representatives from bond rating agencies will describe recent changes to their ratings guidance and provide examples of their scoring methodology.  It is much more than alphabet soup.
Andrew Clarke , Director, Kroll Bond Ratings; Adebola Kushimo, Analyst, Moody’s Investors Service; and Steve Murray, Senior Director, Fitch Ratings
Hidalgo Ballroom – Ballroom Level

ACA Implementation:  Q&A with an Expert – No Handouts or Presentation
This session will provide practical answers to your Affordable Care Act questions.
Susan Smith, Executive Director, TML Multistate Intergovernmental Employee Benefits Pool
Madero Room – Ballroom Level

Mobile Technology and Security: An Employment Lawyer’s Perspective –  Jason Boulette – Mobile Workforce Security_GFOAT
Explore the security risks presented by the rapid adoption of mobile technology in the workplace and its impact under the Freedom of Information Act, the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act, and the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
Jason Boulette , Boulette & Golden L.L.P
Olivares Room – River Level

2:55 – 3:15 p.m.
Navarro Ballroom Foyer – Ballroom Level

3:15 – 4:10 p.m.
Alternatives to Traditional Bond Financing – Alternatives to Traditional Bond Financing – Forsyth
Funding projects through means other than bonds is becoming more popular.  This session will enlighten you on the many ways you can secure financing without the additional time and expense of issuing bonds.
Michael Feist, Sr. Municipal Credit Officer , Bank of America Merrill Lynch; Jill M. Forsyth, Sr. Municipal Credit Officer , Banc of America Public Capital Corp;  and Pamela Moon, CPA, Executive Director of Finance, City of Lubbock
Hidalgo Ballroom – Ballroom Level

 Service Delivery Options – Sharp – GFOAT Presentation_updated_format
The City of Midland had a drinking problem…water, that is.  Come hear how Midland created an award-winning, public-private partnership to secure its much needed water supply for the future.
 Courtney B. Sharp, City Manager, City of Midland
Olivares Room – River Level

Implementation of the New Pension Reporting Standard – Implementation of New Pension Reporting Standards
In this session, you will learn the specific internal controls to have in place for your auditor to substantiate your pension liability.
Kimberly Knox, CPA , Boucher, Morgan and Young, a P.C.
Camino Real – Lobby Level

An Open Ethics Discussion – Ethics 1       Ethics and Elephants Handouts
Share stories with your peers in this open and honest discussion of questionable behavior and how it was addressed by your organization.
Monette Fisher, Senior Accountant, City of Decatur and Miykael Reeve, Finance Director, City of Red Oak
Madero Room – Ballroom Level

4:30 – 5:25 p.m.
Moderator: GFOAT President Bret Starr, Budget Administrator, City of Irving
GFOA Best Practices on Budgeting – GFOA Best Practices in Budgeting Presentation    GFOA Best Practices in Budgeting Handout
The GFOA’s Budget Committee has developed 35 best practices that cover: 1) fiscal policy; 2) linking the budget to organizational goals and performance; 3) the budget process and budgetary techniques; and 4) specific elements of the operating budget document. This session focuses on the practical implementation of these best practices.
John Fishbein, Senior  Manager, Tech Services, Government Finance Officers Association, Chicago, IL
Navarro Ballroom – Ballroom Level

6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Join us at Rita’s on the River located at 245 E. Commerce (Corner of Commerce and Navarro) for a short reception where you can relax with old friends and meet new colleagues. Light hors d’oeuvres will be provided.  Rita’s host will be at the front of the hotel to escort delegates. The walk is 1-block on street level, and  the river level will take 20-30 minutes.



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