GFOAT Pre-Conference Workshop

(SEPARATE FEE, $110 online/$135 by mail with full conference registration, or $135 online/$160 by mail for pre-conference workshop only; includes Days One and Two, as well as refreshment breaks and a continental breakfast on Wednesday)

Westin Riverwalk Hotel in the Camino Real Ballroom  – Lobby Level

Tuesday and Wednesday, November 11 and 12


Presented by Lewis F. McLain, Jr. and Becky L. Brooks. Lewis is widely known across the state as an expert in municipal finance and in multi-year planning, offering over 41 years in the business. With his Citybase.Net subscriber base of close to 1,000 readers, he recently started a series of “Can Detroit Happen Here?” using headlines and issues of current events to emphasize the need for long-term planning. Becky offers over 30 years in public finance, presently offering planning and financial management services to her client base, while still serving as GFOAT’s new Director of Resource Development.   Collectively, Lewis and Becky estimate over 100 “project” client cities in Texas over their careers, to not only include financial planning but also a variety of financial management and analysis assignments.

They chose to offer this workshop to provide a collection of thoughts, stories, strategies and tools to help finance officials in their planning processes. Participants will leave with materials and exercises that should help get them jump-started on integrating or expanding financial planning in their organizations. This program should be most helpful to the person just starting their planning journey, but should also include some new ideas and tips for the person who has done forecasting but wants to try and crank it up to a new level.

DAY ONE (Tuesday, 12:30 – 5:00 p.m. – afternoon snack provided)

Strategic Overview & All the moving parts – and Some that Don’t Move!
This workshop will provide extensive training in multi-year financial planning, from the policy perspective as well as from the technical perspective. Day one will start with an overview of how financial planning fits within an organization framework; refreshers on strategic planning; discussions of all the parts and information that is already available to you; outlines of various planning windows to use and how different timelines help with different analysis.

DAY TWO (Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. – continental breakfast provided)

The Nuts & Bolts
Day two continues with more technical discussions of forecasting techniques, trends, benchmarking and other data analysis and compilation. The context of ‘what if’ continues, always with an eye toward guiding principles policy makers and decision makers need to know. Workbooks will contain materials and exercises to get participants engaged in the discussion and to work with actual data. Homework/data collection assignments will be provided to registered participants in advance so they may bring relevant working information to the class.


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